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Heart-Centric Tech Mentoring by Tugce Ozdeger, M.Sc.


As an experienced Software Engineer, Tugce Ozdeger is known for shifting the mindset of software engineers and helping them to gain a new perspective in tech. She holds Master's degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University in Sweden. She graduated from Athlone Institute of Technology and Bilkent University as a honor student in Ireland and Turkey. She is a genuine software engineer at heart and worked in defence, bank and insurance sector as a Senior Software Engineer for 9+ years. With a visionary strategy and open-minded approach, Tugce Ozdeger will help you breakthrough challenges to reach your goals in tech.

About Tugce Ozdeger, M.Sc.

Leading Career Acceleration Mentor for Women in Tech

Senior Software Engineer | Co-Founder & CTO | Speaker | Executive Contributor

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Tugce Ozdeger is known for transforming the lives of software engineers by her unique wisdom and accessing the heart intelligence. You will not only create an exciting and a bright future but will also enjoy every single moment of now by connecting your soul purpose in tech. Tugce Ozdeger is passionate about supporting software engineers and defining a lucrative career that allows them to experience the life of dreams.

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Client Testimonials

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Maureen, IT Student, Sweden

Tugce has helped me to identify what is the best decision to take, which are the next steps to follow to reach my goals and even understand more about how my life as a System Developer would be.


I would also say that today I feel more secure about my future because her orientation has been very professional and conscious, she always explains according to her experience and the reality of today, so her advice is quite accurate and objective.


 I can add that she is very caring and warm, always with a good attitude and understanding why, and giving solutions.


Tuliany, Frontend Developer, Sweden

The program with Tugce has been nothing but bliss.

Tugce has helped me in building up my spiritual and technical confidence and to set a clear vision of what I wanted for my life, a whole plan both private and professional. She also made me realize my worth and how to present my uniqueness.

In the end, I had the great opportunity to decide between four different frontend developer positions and got exactly everything I wanted and more.

Thank you Tugce for your mentoring, patience, and advice. I would be totally lost without you.


Ezgi, Software
Engineer, Sweden

The tips and tactics Tugce gave about "planned-programmed work" and "what to do when motivation is low" helped me a lot and made me spend this period more positive.


The part I liked most about this program was that Tugce gave career and working tips by making very good personal observations, analyzed exactly the support I needed, and gave on-point suggestions and tasks accordingly.

At the end of this program, I found my dream job exactly as I wanted in Sweden.

Thank you Tugce for sharing your wisdom about both career and life!


Chau, Frontend
Developer, Vietnam

I learned a lot of tools & techniques and got massive help from Tugce to keep my motivation high and build my self-confidence in my skills and knowledge in tech.

During the program, I got to learn a lot about software development as well as how I need to position myself as a developer in the job market.  

I got clarity about what technologies I wanted to focus on and what it is really I want to achieve in my tech career.

I got several opportunities and I landed on a job that resonated with me most. I was promoted to work as a tech lead after 2 months in an international tech company.


Thank you Tugce for sharing your knowledge in tech and encouraged me to do what I'm passionate about in tech.


Eva, Senior Software Developer, USA

Tugce helped me to expand my perspective about how I see my tech career and inspired me to see the limitless opportunities that I can contribute to with my field of expertise.

I received career advice from different coaches before but none of them has a unique approach that Tugce has when it comes to understanding my struggle and give me exactly what I needed to be able to overcome my challenges.

I was totally enlightened with her unique approach and shifted my mindset from focusing on lack to seeing opportunities.

I got total clarity about my tech career and attracted 2 super exciting opportunities that will definitely change my future career.

Thank you Tugce for sharing your insights and helping me to take my tech career to the next level.


IT-Consultant, Spain

Tugce has been very supportive and she is an inspirational mentor.


She is also a competent developer with many years of experience in the industry where I got to learn different technical aspects of software development as well.


Having her as a mentor has taught me a lot and helped me grow and improve my career.

When I met Tugce, I felt totally uninspired at my job and because of her support, I become more aware of my unique skills and how to align them with my tech career.

I finally quit my job and I became inspired to pursue my career as an IT-Consultant focusing on frontend development which I feel very excited about. 


Thank you Tugce for your support and inspiring me!


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