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Tugce  Ozdeger
Career  Mentoring in Tech

A seasoned software engineer and solution architect, holding a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University in Sweden, has dedicated over 12 years to a career in technology. Throughout her journey, she has spearheaded the development and maintenance of intricate systems across diverse sectors, starting from Security & Defense, progressing through Bank & Finance, Nordic Insurance, IT-Consulting, and mentoring initiatives for Women in Tech, before venturing into entrepreneurship as the founder of Datatera in Digital Health.

Her professional roles have been multifaceted, spanning from System Developer and Lead Developer to Cloud/Solution Architect, Software Architect, Chief Technology Officer, DevOps Engineer, Backend Developer, Technical Project Leader, and Product Owner. Additionally, she has embraced roles as a startup Founder & CEO, and engaged in activities such as Technology Evangelism and Technical Authorship, as evidenced by her publication on C#9.

Driven by a genuine passion for cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain, she harbors a particular interest in their application within the healthcare domain. Residing in Stockholm, Sweden, she remains deeply immersed in the vibrant tech scene, continually seeking avenues to innovate and contribute to the evolving landscape of technology.

Once you grasp your individual strengths and abilities, I'll assist you in harmonizing these insights with your tech career. This process will unearth fresh and invaluable ideas, propelling you to the next level and seamlessly steering you toward your grander vision.

This transformation will forever alter the trajectory of your career.

If you've been anticipating a creative visionary to illuminate a new path toward your success, along with the mentorship expertise to embody this expansive vision, then your search ends here.

Career Strategy Call 

You'll receive a 60-minute kick-off call followed by 4 days of Voice-Note Q&A sessions with Tugce to delve into the insights provided.

My utmost priority is facilitating your profound transformation by guiding you to integrate and embody your next level of growth, tailored to your unique qualities. This involves gaining crystal-clear clarity on your career objectives, making it easier for you to attract higher-level opportunities and increased compensation.

I anticipate that you'll revisit the recording of our initial call, take actionable steps, and hold yourself accountable. Recognize that each committed action strengthens your self-trust.

To apply for the program and claim your free discovery call, simply fill out the application form from the button below.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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