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Tugce Ozdeger
Senior IT Consultant

Senior Software Engineer with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University in Sweden pursued a career in technology as a Software Engineer for over 11 years. She has built and maintained complex systems of different kinds in a variety of industries, starting with Security & Defense and moving on to Bank & Finance and Nordic Insurance, IT-Consulting and mentoring for Women in Tech before becoming the founder of a startup in Digital Health.

Her technology stack ranges from the C#.NET framework to Python libraries such as CNN TensorFlow Keras, PyTesseract OCR, and Brisque. She has prior experience with Azure DevOps, and GitHub, and building and maintaining pipelines, as well as deploying Web applications on Microsoft Azure resources and configuring Docker images and Virtual machines. 

She has been designing and developing REST API integrations using Flask and Swagger.

She has worked as a System Developer, Lead Developer, Cloud, Solution, and Software Architect, CTO, DevOps Engineer, Technical Project Leader, and Product Owner, among other things such as Technology Evangelist and Technical Author. You can read her article about C#9 here.

She is genuinely interested in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, as well as healthcare as an industry and domain in which to implement those technologies. She resides in Stockholm, Sweden.

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