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Enhancing each patient's journey: Your healthcare partner
How it works
Enhance patient-doctor communication for a higher quality care experience.

Datatera collects visit purposes whenever patients interact with their caregivers and uses sentiment analysis to identify which symptoms impact sentiment results and their needs.

These insights are delivered to the doctor in real-time before care visits, accompanied by actionable recommendations.

Step 1

Collect the purpose of the visit with feedback

Step 2

Perform sentiment analysis

Step 3

Convert analysis results into actionable insights

Step 4

Deliver the insights to the doctor in real time

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Datatera is a data analytics platform designed to enhance healthcare outcomes. Datatera analyzes patient sentiments to improve patient-doctor communication responsiveness and effectiveness. This ultimately helps meet patients' needs and expectations better.
Datatera provides real-time insights to healthcare providers to help them serve more patients in an environment where patients feel more engaged while receiving care.
Datatera offers an efficient and accurate method for analyzing patient sentiments holistically.

Datatera supports healthcare providers in delivering more patient-centered care, improving patient satisfaction and outcomes by providing real-time insights into symptoms and patient needs before care visits.

By combining sentiments from various sources, providers can improve care quality with accurate, data-driven decisions.
Together with healthcare providers, we strive to streamline the patient journey for more personalized care based on patient experiences and preferences. This results in higher patient satisfaction and improved health literacy.

72% of patients are extremely satisfied with their health outcomes when they feel more engaged in their care.
Effective patient-doctor communication is essential for understanding patient needs, building trust, and ensuring proper treatment adherence.

Patient sentiment analysis complements this by providing additional insights into patient feelings and needs, enabling even more tailored and responsive care, ultimately improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.
Patient sentiment analysis is crucial for healthcare providers as it enhances patient satisfaction, improving treatment adherence and outcomes; hospitals with higher satisfaction scores had 5% lower readmission rates.

Additionally, 90% of hospitals using sentiment analysis saw improvements in managing patient feedback by effectively identifying and addressing concerns.
We are in alignment with the UN's sustainable development goals.
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