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Data Exchange Platform Liberating Health Data
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Do you want to access high-qualitative Health Data with one click?
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Datatera bridges the gap between Healthcare and Technology by providing a valuable source of training data affordable for HealthTech companies to enable them to train and enhance their AI algorithms that will fuel healthcare innovation and boost value for patients.
We leverage AI to determine data sensitivity as well as data quality to ensure that data is of the highest standard, in accordance with GDPR norms, and can yield positive outcomes for data consumers.

We assist Health Data Providers in managing privacy, and compliance, and provide secure access to data and authorization to train AI algorithms on their datasets.
Find the right real-world Health Data Partner in the Datatera Ecosystem.

Looking for a source for Health Data? Submit your request and our team will help connect you to the right partners.
Together, we are solving data access challenges in Healthcare through Innovation and Technology.
We are in alignment with the UN's sustainable development goals.
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