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Enhancing Each Patient's Journey: Your Healthcare Partner
How it works
Do you want to enhance the overall experience and the satisfaction of your patients?

Step 1

Collect the purpose of the visit with feedback

Step 2

Apply sentiment analysis

Step 3

Turn analysis results into insights

Step 4

Pass the insights to the doctor in real time

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Datatera is a data analytics platform that aims to improve healthcare outcomes, by analyzing the sentiments of patients, which ultimately results in more responsive and effective communication with patients to better meet their needs and expectations.
We provide real-time insights to healthcare providers to help them serve more patients in an environment where patients feel more engaged while receiving care.
​We provide an efficient and accurate method for analyzing patient sentiments with a holistic approach.

We assist healthcare providers in delivering more patient-centered care, improving patient satisfaction, and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes by providing real-time insights focusing on the symptoms and their needs before care visits based on predicted sentiments.

Combining patient sentiments from many sources, healthcare providers can increase the quality of care by making more accurate, data-driven, and evidence-based care decisions.
Together, in collaboration with healthcare providers, we strive to streamline the patient journey to enable patients to receive more personalized care based on their experiences and preferences, resulting in higher patient satisfaction and health literacy.

According to a survey, 72% of patients are extremely satisfied with their health outcomes when they feel more engaged in their care.
We leverage AI to determine data sensitivity as well as data quality to ensure that data is of the highest standard, in accordance with GDPR norms, and can yield positive outcomes for healthcare providers.

We assist in the management of privacy and compliance by providing secure data anonymization to for research purposes, which will be useful in healthcare practices.
Find the right innovative data partner for your research proposals in the Datatera ecosystem.

 We sincerely believe that health research is an important component of the future of health, and we will gladly collaborate with research organizations to enhance the model's functionality developed during the research project using our data analytics expertise.
We are in alignment with the UN's sustainable development goals.
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