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Real-time Sentiment Tracking Tool to improve Individual Patient Experience
Datatera supports emotionally intelligent care to support healthcare providers to better respond to patient's unique needs and expectations.

We are building an emotion registry linked to symptoms, patient needs, and expectations based on the insights we generated which will be passed to the doctor before patient visits.

The prediction for a given text or speech will always be delivered with the highlighted words that influenced the sentiment prediction to provide doctors with a context.

We strive for trustworthy AI and Datatera supports Transparency, Reliability, and Security.

We have been testing with a variety of representative datasets to measure the nuances of different dialects in speech-to-text conversion for the Swedish language to deliver better prediction accuracy. 

We can automatically recognize Swedish and English languages in speech and text form and measure differences in prediction for similar data to see if language impacts the prediction so that we can accurately capture and interpret patient sentiments across different contexts and linguistic nuances. 
Watch our MVP by clicking the screen-recording below.
Join our pilot study!
Reshaping the Future of Healthcare, one Sentiment at a time!

Your participation is crucial to our pilot study's success. By taking part, you can help us uncover valuable insights that will revolutionize the way we approach healthcare. Your input matters, and together, we can make a difference.

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