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Piloting the Patient Sentiment Analysis
Patient's emotional states can profoundly influence their care needs and experiences during visits to healthcare providers.

Patients' range of emotions can impact their perception of care, and interactions with healthcare providers, and affecting overall health outcomes.

We aim for healthcare providers to become aware of their patients' emotional state when they book appointments and support them to deliver high-quality care by taking into account patients' individual needs.

Patient sentiment analysis offers numerous benefits across various aspects of healthcare delivery and management
  1. Enhanced Patient Experience By analyzing patient sentiments, healthcare providers can gain insights into patient satisfaction levels, identify areas for improvement, and tailor services to meet patient needs and preferences.

  2. Quality Improvement Sentiment analysis can help identify patterns related to the quality of care, allowing healthcare organizations to address issues promptly and continuously improve the quality of services provided.

  3. Customized Care Plans Understanding patient sentiments enables healthcare providers to personalize care plans according to individual patient preferences, leading to better treatment adherence and outcomes.

Transparent and efficient patient sentiments are essential for healthcare providers to address the patient's needs before their care visits. 

The goal is to employ patient sentiment analysis to optimize the communication between patients and healthcare providers.

  1. Collect data points during the pilot focusing on the before-care visits and predict the sentiments of the purpose of the visit by connecting it to symptoms, as well as the needs and expectations of the patient. Generate the insights accordingly and pass them on to the doctor with whom the patient booked the appointment through our web services.

  2. The Dashboard is for the admin users of the healthcare providers to track the sentiment analysis that was predicted when a patient booked an appointment as well as the insights generated for the respective doctors that were booked by the patients.

A pilot study to validate the value of patient sentiment analysis with healthcare providers focusing on primary care.

A pilot study will be carried out to track patients' sentiments before care visits, to improve communication between patients and healthcare providers, bypassing insights into predicted sentiments connected to the symptoms and patient needs to the doctors for a better and more effective care visit experience.


In addition, this efficient procedure gathered in the pilot study enables healthcare organizations to assess the viability, effectiveness, and scalability of sentiment analysis initiatives, laying the groundwork for successful integration into routine clinical practice and organizational culture.

How will the pilot study work?

Up to 1-2 weeks

Up to 4-6 weeks

Up to 1-2 weeks

Join us in Reshaping the Future of Healthcare, one Sentiment at a time!

Your participation is crucial to our pilot study's success. By taking part, you can help us uncover valuable insights that will revolutionize the way we approach healthcare. Your input matters, and together, we can make a difference.

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